Advanced Corporate Methodologies

Medical Internet Marketing For Doctors & Surgeons

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a method of strategies that are frequently used to increase the amount of traffic to a website. The goal of SEO is to ensure that a website or company obtains a high enough ranking to appear in the top listings of popular search engines.

At Internet Leads Us, aside for our specialty in increasing a website’s traffic, we also specialize in increasing lead conversion and ROI.

Niche Marketing
Niche marketing is a concentration that focuses on a lesser known demographics and markets.

At Internet Leads Us we are experts in finding new clients for niche companies when the company does not already have a standard marketing process.

We have worked with many niche businesses and have brought them in millions of dollars in revenue through online marketing.

Competitive Analysis

At Internet Leads Us we use advanced technologies to analyze competitor’s ads to consider which strategies are performing best.

We use this competitive analysis to identify top performing ads and then incorporate your company’s differentiators to create a personalized marketing message. We then continuously alter the ads to find out which angle promotes the best results.

Local Marketing

We specialize in SEM, SEO, and local directories for high end local service providers, helping them rank for all keywords on all online channels. We saturate the local market with your companies presence.

This gives people searching for your a service a sense of trust since your company has so much exposure.

Heat Maps

A heat map is a visual representation which tracks how a visitor interacts with a web-page on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We utilize technology which allows us to see how much time users spend on the landing page, which areas they gravitate toward, and how they scroll through your site.

This information allows us to optimize your website by focusing on the most successful aspects of the user’s engagement. Ultimately increasing the conversion rate on your landing page or website.

Email & Phone Tracking

Call and e-mail tracking is a technique that allows marketers to track which marketing channels generate the most calls and emails. Call and e-mail tracking is generally used for tracking calls and emails that have been made during or after the customer’s website visit.

Call tracking also tracks which keywords and ads triggered a call or email. This way we know which keywords are performing best and then channel more of the budget toward them. We also offer call recording technology which enables us to pinpoint the exact lead that caused the most engagement from the client.


Remarketing is an online marketing technique that enables advertisers to reach out to visitors who have previously visited your website. This proven technique allows us to capitalize on past visitors and reduce the cost per lead.

Remarketing campaigns encourage previous visitors to return to your website by keeping your company in their evoked set, ultimately resulting in higher conversions.

A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a methodology which allows us to test two different ads or landing pages against each other. The goal of this is to discover which ad or landing page performs the best.

Upon discovering the results of A/B testing, we shift the budget to whichever ad or landing page is performing better.

Lead Optimization

At Internet Leads Us we are constantly looking to optimize the quality and volume of leads coming to your business. We start off with a wider net and reach out to more customers; we then work on making the net smaller, catching the ideal customer for your business.

Lead optimization is done by doing A/B testing, creating various landing pages, using heat maps, and correctly analyzing the data. For an in depth description about each component, please click on the relevant tab in the left navbar.

Landing Pages

At Internet Leads Us, we create web & mobile landing pages for our clients that have converted direct results. At Internet Leads Us we utilize best practices to create superb landing pages that represent your company’s message to web visitors. We develop multiple landing pages and marketing messages and analyze the data to see which combination is the most effective.

Our goal for each landing page is to convert the most visitors into customers for your business. By placing the prominent call to actions on all platforms we encourage users to call or email your company.

Search Engine Marketing

Utilizing Google, Bing, Yahoo, and FB, we market your company’s website through paid ads to highly customized potential customers. We constantly hone the ads and keyword lists, to ensure that the highest quality leads are coming through.

Our unique process of optimizing ads allows us to constantly weed out poor performing ads. This way we are able to focus on ad and keyword combinations that bring in the highest number of quality leads, at the lowest price.

Digital Strategy

The process of digital strategy focuses on specifying an organization’s visions, goals, and opportunities in order to maximize the business's return on its digital initiatives. At Internet Leads Us, our goal is to not only bring in more customers for your business but to hone in on the highest paying segment of your potential client base.

Our digital strategy encompasses A/B testing, the use of landing pages and heat maps. Alongside our innate ability to read and analyze the data to decipher what is working, and what is not. Our methods allow us to visualize the big picture and position your company to maximize growth and profit.

Social Campaigns

Through the use of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram we create unique campaigns directed toward your target demographic.

We partner with popular accounts with mass amounts of followers, made up of your target market, in order to promote your business on their network to create maximum exposure for your business. This methodology only works for select clients, we advise businesses on an individual level before utilizing this service.

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