Case Studies

Our Clients Have Gotten Calls From

Advanced Pain Management
A group of ten pain clinics in Arizona

Clients feedback

My practice uses Internet Specialists NY to market our clinic on the internet. We've gotten amazing results between 30 and 50 new patients a month. We've worked with multiple other internet marketing agencies in the past and none of them have been able to get close to those numbers. Some of these agencies got 5 new patients a month with the same budget. Internet Specialists NY is very results oriented and very easy to work with. They are really exceptional at what they do, I would highly recommend them. Dr. Brian Page, D.O. Pain Doctor

New patients per month rose from 5 to 40
Conversion Rates Increased From: 1.5% to over 7.1%


When we started working with an Arizona based pain clinic, Advanced Pain Management, they were getting less than 5 new patients per month. We worked on their landing pages and relaunched their ad campaigns. As of 2 months ago they were getting 30-50 new patients a month. Now they are up to 48 new patient a month. Conversion rates increased from approximately 1.5% to over 7.1% on average.

Stat Medical Disposal
Medical Waste Removal Company

Clients feedback

“Since switching to Internet Specialist NY my online calls have tripled! Highly recommended.” Steve Bergamino, President at STAT Medical Disposal – Vero Beach, FL

Brought the cost per lead down
from $130 a lead to less than $30 per lead.
(Industry average is $120 a lead)


When we started working with Stat Medical Disposal the company was only bringing in a couple of leads per month from the internet. We built them a modern landing page, installed call/email tracking, and constantly optimized the ads and keywords until they were hyper targeted. Within a short period of time, the company was receiving triple the amount of phone calls.

Paradocs Worldwide
Emergency Medical Standby For Events
Helped bring in high end clients, like Girls Scouts of America, Livingsocial, Victoria’s Secret


When we started working with Paradocs Worldwide they were known as Paradocs New York, ever since starting with them they have grown into a national company. We helped them get their first big name clients. Such as Victorias Secret, Living Social & the Girls Scouts of America.
They have been featured in Forbes, CNBC and Business Insider.

JVN Systems
Audio Visual Installations Of Conference
Rooms & Office Buildouts

Clients feedback

The Internet Specialists NY team revamped our website & online marketing campaigns. Within 8 months they brought in over $750k, a return of 35 times our initial investment. Mind-blowing! Vito Randazzo CEO, JVN Systems Inc

Budget: $50k Revenue: $1 million+


When we started working with JVN Systems, the company was getting little to no leads from the internet. We refreshed their marketing strategy, logo, website and entire SEM campaign. After working with JVN for only 8 months, the company was able to bring in $750k in revenue from online leads alone, while only spending $30k. At Internet Specialists NY, we helped them attract high end leads from companies such as SoundCloud, Macy’s, Warner Brothers, Foursquare, Loro Piana, Birchbox, LIU, and Swatch.

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