• PPC Management

    PPC Management

  • Conversion Tracking

    Conversion Tracking

  • A/B Testing

    A/B Testing

PPC Management

At Internet Leads US, we learn about your business before building highly tailored PPC campaigns that highlight the benefits of your business, to your target Demographic.

Each adgroup and ad type is tailored around a specific keyword type. We don’t just lump all like terms together. This manual customization results in relevant ads being shown to your audience. And higher conversion rates.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking where a phone call or email lead came from is one of the most important elements of optimizing a Google campaign successfully.

Conversion tracking allows us to see which keywords and ads bring in the most leads. We are then able to divert more of the budget to those successful keywords, resulting in more quality leads overall. 


A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or landing page against each other to determine which one performs better. This applies to google ads & ad extensions as well.

By testing different marketing messages, landing pages and ads against each other, we can learn which variation resonates best with your customers. We combine the winners of each test into one streamlined campaign, this results in an overall higher conversion rate. We then start the process again, testing the winners against new variables. This way we are constantly improving your campaign and staying ahead of your competition.