Our core competency is to build quality landing pages that lead to more conversions at a better price. We are constantly testing copy & improving conversion rates. Resulting in more leads with significant increases to your bottom line.

    • Landing Pages

      Landing Pages

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      Heat Maps

    • A/B Testing

      A/B Testing


    Landing pages are polished alternatives of your website with the most crucial marketing information prominently displayed. They aim to persuade a web visitor to call or email your company. Our goal of creating individualized landing pages is to convert your site visitors into leads.

    We build landing pages that speak to your target demographic and encourage them to reach out to your company immediately.

    Industry standards on conversion rates are 2.5%. At Internet Leads Us, we raise the bar high, with a goal of 15% conversion rates. Do we always hit out goal? Not always, but when we do we provide exceptional results for our clients. But when we don't, because we aim so high, we typically hit over 5% conversion rates, which is double the industry standards. Not too shabby.


    A heat map is a colorized map of how, a visitor to your landing page, interacts with said page.You can easily visualize where users spend the most time, what they focus on and what causes them to engage with your webpage.

    By analyzing the heat maps we can assess which marketing messages are speaking to your customers and which are pushing them away. We can than optimize the page for the talking points that are having the largest effect on your customers. Increasing the percentage of potential customers that will reach out to you in the future.


    A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a web page or landing page against each other to determine which one performs better. This applies to google ads & ad extensions as well.

    By testing different marketing messages, landing pages and ads against each other, we can learn which variation resonates best with your customers. We combine the winners of each test into one streamlined campaign, this results in an overall higher conversion rate. We then start the process again, testing the winners against new variables. This way we are constantly improving your campaign and staying ahead of your competition.

    Mini Case Study - Multi Location Internet Marketing

    Advanced Pain Management
    A group of ten pain clinics in Arizona http://advancedpainmanagement.com/phoenix
    New patients per month rose from 5 to 40
    Conversion Rates Increased From: 1.5% to over 7.1%


    When we started working with Advanced Pain Management, an Arizona based pain clinic, the company was attracting less than 5 new patients per month. We worked on the company’s landing pages and relaunched its ad campaigns. We created various designs to see which landing page would bring in the most new patients. We also researched the company’s competitors, nationally, to learn which ads and “call to actions” converted at the lowest cost. Now, the company consistently gains anywhere from 30-50 new patients per month. Conversion rates have also increased from approximately 1.5% to over 7.1% on average.

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